American Dream Foreclosed

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African Americans disproportionately rely on subprime loans, which are made to borrowers who do not qualify for a traditional mortgage due to their weak or limited credit histories.  Subprime lenders offer low-interest “teaser” rates that reset to a higher adjustable mortgage rate.


According to a report by United for a Fair Economy, the subprime mortgage meltdown has turned the American Dream of homeownership into a nightmare. The subprime meltdown has caused the greatest of wealth to minorities in U.S. history, and has led to a net loss in African American homeownership.


The Center for Responsible Lending estimates there are 6,600 new foreclosures a day, one every 13 second. In 2009, foreclosures are projected to reach 2.4 million nationwide.


The foreclosure crisis is more than a family crisis. The increase in foreclosures depresses property values, and local and state revenues. African American communities are particularly vulnerable given the concentration of subprime mortgages.


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