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Census Advisory Committee on the African American Population

Page history last edited by Faye Anderson 12 years, 9 months ago

The Census Advisory Committee on the African American Population is essential to the public interest and the Census Bureau’s commitment and responsibility to conduct an accurate count of the national enumeration of the U.S. population. The Committee is needed to advise the U.S. Census Bureau on ways to reduce the differential undercount of hard-to-enumerate populations within the African American community.


Presently, the African American Committee is facilitating the Census Bureau’s outreach to the African American population during the planning and implementation of the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey. The broader public and the Census Bureau continue to benefit from the insights and recommendations provided by the representatives who serve on the African American Committee.


Membership List 

Tonya Burns

Crystal Stairs Inc.

Case Management Manager

Child Care Assistance Program

Los Angeles, CA


Laurence Davenport, Jr.

Director of Business Affairs

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections

West Palm Beach, FL


Dr. Karl Gregory

Southfield, MI


Linda Haithcox

Executive Director

National Organization of Black County Officials

Washington, DC


Dr. Mary A. McGeHee

Little Rock, AR


Dr. Linda G. Marc (Vice Chair)

Boston, MA


Rev. Kenneth Bernard Miller (Chair)

Pastor, New Covenant Fellowship

Chattanooga, TN


Winsome Earle Sears

Stephenson, VA


Dr. Kim Williams

Harvard University

John F. Kennedy School of Government

Cambridge, MA


Ex-Officio Member:

Committee Liaison

Jimmie Scott

U.S Census Bureau



Edwina Jaramillo

U.S. Census Bureau


Chief, Census Advisory Committee Office

Jeri Green

U.S. Census Bureau

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Villager said

at 12:00 pm on Apr 7, 2009

Some Black bloggers participated in conference call with civil rights leaders on the impact of the 2010 Census on communities of color. Here is summary of that discussion --


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