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In The News

Page history last edited by Faye Anderson 11 years, 11 months ago

Voter ID and Civic Innovation

GovFresh (Feb. 23, 2012)


Voter IDs: The ‘Hanging Chads’ of 2012
New America Media (Feb. 23, 2012)


Protecting the Right to Vote and Empowering Voters Through Collaboration
Social Media Week Washington, DC Blog (Feb. 20. 2012)

License and Registration Please?

National Women's Law Center (Feb. 16, 2012)


Can a Web App Help Voters Get Photo ID?
The Root (Jan. 30, 20120)


Helping Voters Register with the Cost of Freedom Project

Kin Lane (Jan. 29, 2012)


The High Cost of a Free Voter ID

Race-Talk (Dec. 28, 2011)


The Cost of Freedom
Adriel Nation (Dec. 22, 2011)


The High Cost of a Free Voter ID
Anderson@Large (Dec. 5, 2011)

To Break Barriers, Know Your ABCs and Ps and Qs

Startup America Partnership (Oct. 4, 2011)


99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One

Anderson@Large (Aug. 11, 2011)


No Free Lunch for Ed Tech Companies

Anderson@Large (Aug. 1, 2011)


Black America Unemployment Report

The Atlanta Post (July 13, 2011)

For a Pitch that Rocks, Add Music
Innovation Daily (June 24, 2011) 


STEM Education: Meet the Innovators

Anderson@Large (June 20, 2011)


STEM Education: Who’s Go Daddy’s Daddy?

Anderson@Large (June 6, 2011)


STEM Education Needs a Makeover

Anderson@Large (May 31, 2011)


TSOP: Comcast Minority Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

Anderson@Large (May 23, 2011)


Bloggers, others gather

Philadelphia Inquirer (May 1, 2011)


Five Steps of Innovation

Anderson@Large (March 25, 2011)


Black Innovators: An Underreported Story

Anderson@Large (March 23, 2011)


Black Innovators and Entrepreneurship

Anderson@Large (March 21, 2011)


Privacy and the Social Web

Anderson@Large (March 4, 2011)


Innovation and Job Creation

Anderson@Large (Feb. 25, 2011)


Drawing the Lines

Anderson@Large (Feb, 15, 2011)


The Internet & Uprisings in the Arab World: Are We Already In A Post-Social Media World?

Social Media Week New York Blog (Feb. 9, 2011)


Alaska Native Firms Get Money for Nothing

Anderson@Large (Jan. 28, 2011)


Redistricting Matters

Anderson@Large (Jan. 24, 2011)


Power of the Sister Vote

Race-Talk Blog (Nov. 24, 2010)


Calls for Change

Anderson@Large (Nov. 12, 2010)


When voting process falters, excuses do little good

USA Today (Oct. 27, 2010)


Grading Obama on progress on black agenda

The Washington Post (Sept. 18, 2010)


Race at the Top

Anderson@Large (July 29, 2010)


It's Time to Have a Black Tea Party

The Huffington Post (July 20, 2010)


Back to the Future in Education Reform

The Huffington Post (June 14, 2010)


Obama's Modest Jobs Proposal

The Huffington Post (Dec. 15, 2009)


FCC National Broadband Plan Workshop: Opportunities for Small Business

Personal Democracy Forum (Sept. 4, 2009)


Announcing this year's PdF Google Fellows

Personal Democracy Forum (June 12, 2009)


Blacks at Odds Over Scrutiny of President

The Washington Post (April 6, 2009)


An Eye (Many Eyes) on the Stimulus Money

New York Times (March 3, 2009)

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