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The General Assembly draws congressional districts.  Congressional redistricting follows the normal legislative process, with the Senate and House of Representatives passing the new district map as a bill, which the governor can either sign into law or veto. 


In the event of a veto, the General Assembly could either vote to override the governor with two-thirds majorities in both chambers or, failing to do so, reconvene in a special legislative session to re-pass a new congressional map to send to the governor. If the legislative process fails to produce new districts, either a federal court would draw the state's congressional map or Missouri's congressional delegation would be elected on an at-large, statewide basis.


State legislative districts are drawn by the Missouri House Apportionment Commission and the Missouri Senate Apportionment Commission.  The House Reapportionment Commission consists of 18 members --one Democrat and one Republican from each of Missouri's nine congressional districts.


For the Senate Commission, each party chairperson must submit a list of ten potential nominees to the Governor. The Governor nominates 5 Republican and 5 Democratic members.


2010 Census [P.L. 94-171] Summary Files



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